Laser Jet Toner is a necessity in today's office environment.  Save yourself some time and money and purchase your next batch of toner online.

There is one thing all laser printers have in common.  Whatever the brand, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Minolta, Ricoh, Apple, Canon, NEC, or Samsung, it's going to need more toner someday!

If you are a small business owner, it's in your going to want to save yourself as much money as you can to increase your bottom line.
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 You also don't want to waste time by driving to the store.  There is no reason in paying retail prices!  Especially when you can have toner shipped directly to your office, in bulk, for free.

Having worked in a 300 person office myself and being in charge of printer maintenance, I know what a pain it can be keeping track of the toner and ink.  We had 9 Hewlett Packard laser jets, and two Ricohs.  Our supply room had one whole wall of shelves for just toner cartridges, maintenance kits and fusers.  When you are buying large quantities of tones and printer supplies, you have the opportunity to save your company some money by purchasing smart.

Luckily, changing toner cartridges is easy and the process is pretty much the same no matter what brand printer you have.

Steps to replacing toner:

  • Open the printer door.
  • Remove the old toner cartridge noting the position of the cartridge.  You man want to reinstall the old one a few times just to make sure you know how it goes in.
  • Open the new toner box and pull out the cartridge noting the position of the toner again.  Make sure you see how the toner sits in the box so you can easily put the old one back in the new box to send it off to be recycled!
  • Open the bag the toner cartridge is in pulling out the new one and placing the old one in the bag and back into the box.
  • Pull the safety strip out of the new cartridge.  This strip is designed to keep the toner from coming out of the cartridge during shipping.  The printer won't print if you forget to remove it!
  • Install the new cartridge into the printer just as the old one came out.
  • Close the printer door slowly making sure everything fits well and is in the proper place.

That's it, now send a test print job to the printer to make sure it prints as normal.

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